The complete Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) software package for through-life asset administration, asset maintenance and monitoring of IALA/IMO compliance requirements.

CARDINAL has been developed for any organization that owns or manages and maintains Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN).

A specialist software platform, CARDINAL provides users with an AtoN asset database that records all site-related details, including the equipment installed, and has the ability to historically record all changes and other events associated with the AtoN site.

CARDINAL provides comprehensive recording of all activities undertaken at each site, including planned maintenance and one-off special works, either through manual entry of data on the web application, or via the fully integrated android application running on a ruggedized tablet. The tablet pre-loads automated maintenance forms specific for each site and user and requires no internet connection during usage, with data synchronization occurring when an internet connection becomes available, making it a true remote-site maintenance recording tool.

Apart from its database and maintenance capabilities, CARDINAL also provides unique features for the management of AtoN failures and outage response, allows for automated calculation and reporting of availability via AtoN category, and for the automatic creation of navigational warnings. Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) is also calculated to assist in the management and benchmarking of outage response times.

The software is intuitive, extremely user-friendly and utilizes a map-based system for an overview of the status of all AtoN sites in the system. Selecting an AtoN site via the geographical interface, the system opens to a new window which outlines general site information with links to individual equipment and maintenance information plus all historical data.

These features make CARDINAL an essential tool for any organization, not only in terms of creating a more efficient and effective asset and asset maintenance recording system and improving the maintenance process overall, but also for ensuring that AtoN services are being delivered in compliance with international standards.

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There are various international obligations that organizations must observe for the provision of AtoN to ensure the highest level of safety of navigation is achieved.

The IMO’s ‘Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS)’ Convention provides information that is implicit to the requirements for AtoN in Chapter V, Regulation 13, and refers to guidance provided by the ‘International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA)’.

Some of the most critical aspects of owning and operating AtoN are the operational availability of AtoN, the maintenance of an up-to-date database of all AtoN and the efficient provision of information relating to AtoN for navigational warnings.

CARDINAL provides automated tools that allow organizations to efficiently manage these requirements and to track the performance of their AtoN network. Some of these tools include;

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